L1 and L2 Writing Strategies in Indonesian Context

*Atik Umamah and **Kurniasih

University of Islam Malang

*atik.umamah@yahoo.com and **kurniasih_suherman@yahoo.com


It is an undeniable fact that writing strategy has a very potential role in language learning both in L1 as well as L2 context to facilitate and bridge students with the complexity of accomplishing writing task. This has been confirmed by a great body of studies in EFL context which has been carried out all over the world. In L1 setting especially in Indonesia, research on strategies of learning Indonesian writing has not been a major concern and a growing number of study though still limited was also conducted highlighting the paramount importance of strategies to improve students’ Indonesian composition. Therefore, this article review comes up with an attempt to picture the language learning strategies applied by Indonesian students in writing English and Indonesian composition. This article firstly presents the underlying theory of language learning strategies, the classification of writing strategies, and then reviews some previous research. Finally, it posits some pedagogical implications and suggestions for further research examining language learning strategies both in L1 and L2 contexts.

keywords: learning strategies, L1 writing, L2 writing

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