Cultural Literacy: A Lesson from International Students’ Culture Shock


University of Islam Malang


Living and studying overseas create bunch of unforgettable moments to remember. Living in a new environment force people to learn, understand, and adjust its culture. The writer is interested to conduct this study due to her experience studying in a The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad-India. During her study, of course, she mingled with local students and International students. Therefore, this article attempts to this investigate the students’ attitude towards the challenge and culture shock they experienced during their study. The subjects of this study are students from France, Syria, Indonesia, Yemen, and other countries, who have graduated and are still studying there. It is clear that they are coming from different cultural background. With regard to that, the writer made use of questioner to collect data which was distributed via email. The results indicated that most of international students experience culture shock and last only in short period of time. It is proved by their attitude dealing with difficulties in academic and non-academic aspects. Furthermore, it is expected that this paper will be beneficial for students who want to study overseas and equip them with Cross Cultural Understanding (CCU) issues.


Keywords: cultural literacy, cultural shock, international students