Authentic Materials: A Promising Way to the Teaching of Grammar


  1. Kurniasih1,* and B. Atik Umamah1

1Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Islamic University of Malang, Indonesia



*Corresponding email:



 This paper attempts to review some theories as well as studies on the use of authentic materials to the teaching of grammar. Authentic materials – learning materials composed originally for the native community instead of for second or foreign language environment (Little, Devitt, and Singleton, 1989:25; cited in Peacock, 1997:144) – are always believed to have the possibility to create a context, an interesting and a motivating classroom atmosphere. It is because “authentic material … gives students a taste of ‘real’ language in use, and provides them with valid linguistic data for their unconscious processes to work on” (Swan, 1985b:85). For the purpose of bridging grammar with the real situation, authentic materials come up with their positive effects elucidated in this article. In addition, various sorts of interesting authentic materials which can be adopted for grammar instruction are also obviously outlined. It is then expected that this paper will provide some theoretical basis for the more effective grammar instruction particularly in the area of foreign language acquisition where the learners need to gain as much as natural exposure to the target language so as to they can comprehend the grammar rules and produce them in a real life communication at the same time. Finally, marrying student’s affective side and the positive effects of authentic materials would be a great combination to achieve successful grammar mastery.

Key words: authentic materials, positive effects, grammar instruction

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